Thursday, December 29, 2011

Food with S

The best part about being in Hyderabad is the food. No seriously, I know there's food even in the UAE but if I am real the Indian touch is missing in it. In my rigid opinion :P only very few Indian food places do justice to the food.

So when I come down to Hyderabad you can expect me to have multiple Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners oh even the unaccounted snacks in between ;)
The best thing though is to eat that food in the company of S. My awesome friend and much more :P We eat a lot *say mashalllaahhh* and mostly its junk *say astaghfirullaahh* hehe! But we have the most amazing discussions about Life, Worldly pursuits, Politics, Personal goals, Raising children, Married Life and another 1 million critical things :D and it's sooo amazing because I don't really have these kind of discussions with anyone. I do but its on a certain topic but with S and I we sail through so many different topics, arrange our thoughts, organize priorities in life all over a 100 Gol Gappas between us getting sacrificed :P

I think we all need a friend in our life who does not say what we want to hear but rather what we need do and with her its that. Alhamdulillah. I have really been blessed with the best lot of friends. I am so undeserving yet Allah swt sends all these beautiful people in my life who make it beautiful just by their presence.

I still have entries to be done for my out and about with Afrah during this little holiday of ours :)

Ps - If you have no idea whats there in the picture then my friend you need to introduce yourself to LIFE :D

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