Monday, September 12, 2011

Taraweeh Tales 1

As the sirens for iftar went off in the masjids around Shamsi's house I started relishing the hot fried food items , I chose to start with Mirchi's and When I saw my glass empty I gave her a look and she immediately filled it with Thumbsup. God! I love how well my friends know me, her bhabi was quite astonished i think with the amount of food shamsi and I were eating, enjoying, and cherishing.. She got up after a few minutes when the call for prayer was made. But, Us? well.. Let's just say we decided to pray after sometime because hey those mirchis and samosas must Never be left on their own. Who'd take care of them otherwise? We being the devoted volunteers of AJFA (Abandoned Junk Food Association), took care of the mirchis, samosas and chips on the dastar and we didn't dare leave any of them alone. We made sure they had a good and safe place to stay in a.k.a. our tummies :P

The Auto Walla dude was scheduled to arrive at 7:45 pm, We would then go to pick up Anee and from there on go to attend the taraweeh prayers at a very awesome masjid. I call it awesome because not all masjids in hyderabad have a women's musalla. So by the time we were done taking care of the Abandoned food the clock was at 7:30, as painful as it was to depart from that wonderful iftar we had to force ourselves to do it and by the time we did our maghrib the clock seemed quite angry at us as it turned 7:42. I mean, hello! I love to take my time when I pray and shamsi was getting calls from the auto walla that he is waiting for us under her house.

Hearing all the rushy phone calls I quickly finished my prayer only to find out that I couldn't find the headscarf over my abaya. Shamsi started rushing all the more ''Move it shireen!!!!'' and I was all over the room after about 2 minutes when I finally found my scarf, I quickly wrapped it around and in the meanwhile Shamsi and I started started moving towards the stairs that lead us to the ground floor few steps after which is the gate of her house. I had to wear my shoes and my socks, but Shamsi being shamsi would not allow me such liberty especially when I have already caused the delay. So, what did she do?

ME - It's just gonna take 2 minutes man!! please I cannot walk in that rain water on the ground, I would HATE IT!

Her- Shireen! we are already running late!!

ME - Please baap! please!!!

Shamsi - *takes my shoes in the hand and takes a flight downstairs yelling at me to come down and wear my shoes in the auto*

ME - *stunned shocked with socks left in my hand* :

So yeah, I had to walk on the wet ground until I reached the auto. Once I sat in the it started moving, I was angry by the practical joke that just happened I stared at shamsi in a fit of anger and bloodshot eyes *insert dramatic music here* she looks at me and starts grinning. The grin then quickly turns into laughter and I try real hard to purse my lips together and not laugh but before I knew it. It Happened and I started laughing with her while wearing socks in our open air vehicle... :P


  1. Hehehehehehe. Had me grinning all the way ^_^

  2. Throughout the post, I enjoyed and specially the following part:
    We being the devoted volunteers of AJFA (Abandoned Junk Food Association), and the mixed reaction on bare footed walk to autowala.