Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Most Beautiful - Al Jameel


As slamaualaykum wr wb! I know I haven't completed the last name and attribute of Allah SWT , Al- Noor, subhanAllah it is so comprehensive that I do not want to write about it when I am not having much of time on hand. However!! NEWS NEWS! Today sister E! completed 1 whole name in 1 class! And It was so amazing! That Although I am with just few hours of sleep I just HAD to share it with you guys! :)

What is it that we look for in a person? In a house? When we go outside? When we buy something? When we even want to fall in love? Guess Guess! :P You can read the TITLE of this blog!! Its beauty!! Its either beauty in appearance or beauty in action or beauty in character of a person which creates a liking in our hearts towards them.

Think about the most beautiful thing you have even seen, it could be in nature , a beautiful sunset? some beautiful person? a beautiful personality trait? now, think about the creator who is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HIMSELF!! :D

It is not just a name, In fact it is one of his attributes! SubhanAllah think about it, what happens when we find beauty in a person or even in a thing? We develop affection towards it,right? Now, think about how would you feel after you get to know about your creator, AL- JAMEEL! The Most Beautiful!!

Now, we don't just make any names and attributes of Allah SWT. Do we? So where do we find the evidences of any of the Name and Attribute of Allah SWT that we study? We look for it in the Quran or in the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (saws). This Name and Attribute of Allah SWT is mentioned in a hadith ;

“Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty.” [SahÄ«h Muslim (911)]

Some of our Ulema (scholars) say that if you gather all the beauty of this world and then compare it to Allah's beauty! It is like comparing a tiny lamp of fire with the Sun itself. Beauty in the human beings? Well, imagine just a few thousand years ago all the ladies were mesmerized looking at Yusuf Alay his Salaam.. Now, imagine what would happen if He (AS) was here with us now.. Well... now, think about the creator woh made this fantastic creation! Imagine HIS beauty!! :D

Scholars have classified the Beauty of Allah Al - Jameel into 4 types (no, i am not going to leave you guys so easily, so here you go!) ;

I) Jamal Az Zaat (Allah himself is the Most Beautiful - Allah is beauty himself!) : When you think about this beauty, when you see something so beautiful, wouldn't you want to even see the creator who created something this beautiful? The best delight in paradise for people is not even the highest of heavens, the best delight is to look at the beautiful face of their creator. This constant pondering after looking at something beautiful will create a longing in your heart to see its creator.

On a side note, the importance of knowing the names and attibutes of Allah?
Can you believ that some people will actually believe that Dajjal (anti christ) is God himself? Because of his claim? Although when you think about his description he is quite ugly! So why would people believe it? Because they would not know that Allah - God Is the Most Beautiful!

Our beauty can also be a trial for us from Allah SWT because it is very easy for some of us to get carried away when presented with compliments, well atleast I do! :P because its quite rare that it happens! hehe! And we know how sometimes we subconsciously become a bit arrogant about it! So whenever next time we are complimented about anything beautiful from our appearance to our character then we must always say ''This is the blessing of Allah!''

Beautifying ourselves for the sake of Allah SWT, because He loves beauty also becomes like an act of worship! How, you ask? It's due to the intention! Now, wait wait lets not think way too much, this does not mean that we can look all goregous and beathtaking and show off ourselves out in the world, we wouldn't want to cause people to have heart attacks now, do we? :P P.s. remember hijaab? ;) We can beautify ourselves for our girlie parties, for hubbies, or behind that proper veil! :D

Imagine this, even the people in paradise would get beautiful eternally, you must have heard some things get better with time? Ooooo yeah! this is EXACTLY what happens in paradise! SubhanAllah every friday when the people of paradise would meet each other they would compliment that the other person looks more beautiful than the last time they saw them! wohoo! imagine that.

II) Jamaal Al Sifaat (Beauty in Attrbutes) : Sometimes we come across people who do look beautiful but subhanAllah it is only when we hang out with them for a while and when they open their mouth. They simply leave you speechless! :P

III) Jamal Al Af'al (Beauty in Action) : Sometimes, in some situation a person's characteristic maybe kind but that very person at another time may not be so kind. But Allah is beautiful in all his actions, With good doers He blesses them with abundant reward and With Evil doers he is The Most Just. Even the people will be baffled at the beauty of Allah's justice and will praise him for that, now think about the people of Jannah?
So Allah SWT just does not have beauty as his name but Subhanallah It is in his actions too, think about the way babies are created in one stage at a time. So beautifully!

IV) Asm'a Al Husna : There's beauty in ALL the names and attributes of Allah SWT. The more you study about them, the more you will be mesmerized by the beauty of it.

So, now that we know so much about this Name and Attribute. Am I going to leave it at it? naww,we need to know how this should impact our life! :D Here it is ;

a. When you see something/something beautiful you should say Mashallah or TabarakAllah. When you see something beautiful this way, it will remind you of Allah SWT and it will ward off the evil eye! yes, it is true whatever your eyes admire shaytan makes it his target!And to the person who gets a lot of compliments on their beauty they must seek Allah's protection through morning and evening supplications.

b. We can make any act of beautifying as the act of worship If ywe do it for the sake of Allah SWT.

c. We need to start beautifying ourselves not only on the outside but also on the inside. Which translates as the purification of our hearts through seeking of Allah's forgivenss, removing any ill feelings. It will also effect on our outside beauty too.

d. Islam empahsizes so much on the cleanliness because cleanliness also leads to beauty. Which is why even when we are in a public place we shall avoid taking the liberty of littering around, because remember, cleanliness is half the emaan!

Thats all for now :)

Inshallah hope you can benefit from this post. Whatever good it has, it is from Allah Subhanahoo wa ta'ala, Whatever mistakes and erros are there they are from me.


  1. Love this post!!


    Wallahi, I was in a bad/not so nice mood and then came and read this :) Just made my mood so much better.

    LOL at 'does this mean we can go out and be all gorgeous and breath taking:P

  2. Alhamdulillah that it was of benefit to you <3 See, Allah is sooo Lateef that he takes care of each of us, in a perfect style and manner :D