Monday, May 30, 2011

1,2 or... 3?

After getting introduced to the arab culture, the only thing that i haven't really been able to figure out is the arab's way of greeting eachother :P I mean, seriously how many times is somebody supposed to pout the kisses while greeting each other?

So, as a resolution to my problem I started shaking hands with anyone I suspected would go with the kissing greeting. Today, somebody from work went with the cheek-to-cheek greeting and after one pout, she stopped and I leaned in for the second time. LOL, such Great Embarassment :P

P.s. don't get shocked its only the same gender that greets like this ;)


  1. Salaam,

    I'm an Arab and I remember giving 2 kisses but that's changed. Now we give three. I suggest give 2, but if they turn for a third then give a third.

    Fida x

  2. Walaykum as salaam!

    Yeah i remember, your the falasteeni ;) I'd do with your advice next time! Thanks <3

  3. Man, I'm totally confused myself on this. The Saudis are different from the Egyptians who are different from the Lebanese. *All socially awkward* I am.

  4. awwie I know eh? thankfully we do not have such a thing in india :D